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It’s a yes for me

We Love it. 2YO was gifted by Baba (grandmother) for her birthday, and it’s has not been put away since we set it up. The current favourite activity is a mini kitchen one side with wooden fruit and veg to ‘cut’ and a duplo build station on the other.

The best investment!

The Carry Play has been the best investment for our sensory play, I find lifting and managing the table lite and easy to move around and clean! It has definitely upped our play activities and we enjoy working and playing on this table daily

Rainbow Puzzle

We have been loving this open ended puzzle since receiving it. My kids ask to play with it daily. They love the bright colors and I love how it can be used for such a wide age of children. The possibilities are endless with this puzzle!

Infinity rainbow puzzle

The infinity puzzle has been so well loved in our home since receiving it. The boy’s have been pulling them out everyday and it just amazes me how many different ways that you could play with these puzzle pieces. I love how open-ended they are and how creative little one’s can get using them. They are also so gorgeous in the sun and are PERFECT for light exploration🤭 thank you for creating such an AWESOME resource for learning and play 🌈

Fantastic Open Ended Puzzle

This puzzle was gorgeous to unbox and my children (ages 2 and 4) couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. Normally puzzles I have to sit with them to complete, but this one they worked on completely independently. My 4 year old likes to make it into a rainbow and will sit and problem solve. My 2 year old puts them randomly in a line! Excellent addition to our playroom activities.

Duplo lovers!

We had to have the option to make the table
surface a full duplo one! Very happy we got these additional lids for that alone! They happen to look great as well, providing a nice nuetral look.

This puzzle is absolutely incredible. Being an open-ended resource it can be used in so many ways and for all ages and skills. My daughter has just turned 2 and so far she's used it for connecting pieces, colour matching, holding up to the sun to look at light refraction and looking through the pieces to see her surroundings in a different colour. As she gets older we'll be able to use it for sequencing and so much more. I love that we're going to be able to get so much use from a single puzzle and that she won't outgrow it within a year.

Best Lids!

These lids have been so good for my duplo loving 3 year old. They are perfect for the Elsa world she wants to make all the time. They make the carry play look so good too and match our living space.

Perfect for Open Ended Play

We seriously love our white lids in our home- they are so versatile!! My favourite hack is using them for a light box… perfect!!

Fun in the dark!

We love using it as a white table and my child absolutely loves the idea of it! We paired it up with anything translucent and we are good to go!

Perfect for a variety of play

I purchased the white lids mainly to use as a light table option with our Carry-Play. They've been absolutely amazing for using as a light table!

Love the white tops

I love having a nice plain base for our small world play. These are great functional bases that look nice and crisp being white. Love them!

Awesome product!

We love these white lids with our carry& play table! These lids are perfect in keeping everything contained during travel but we also love using the table half closed for reading/ coloring/ playdough etc and half open with toys/ sensory items. Great product!

White lids

These are perfect for a plain option for our table. Also love being plain they can be used as a whiteboard or wipe clean paint surface!

Love this!

This puzzle is not only beautiful but it offers hours of play opportunities for my little one being an open ended puzzle. I also love how it looks on a light table!

Love our carry play!

We love our carry play. It's such a versatile piece. I love how easy it is to set up and move from inside to outside. I also love how compact it is. We use our carry play every day. Highly recommend!

Brilliant add ons!

We love these extras lids! Makes the carry play tray even more versatile! We love using them for puzzles, writing on them and using as a light box!

Fresh and clean!

The white lids create such a clean look to the Carry Play when closed. The clean blank canvas is great to allow the focus to be on the activity. They also double as a white board and allow sufficient light through to use as a light box as well!

The perfect addition

Absolutely love the white table tops! They look great and tie in with my home decor. Adding them to the carry play with some simple lights creates an amazing light box and on their own they make a nice little play table for the littles laps.
Highly recommend

Stylish and functional

We love our white carry play lids. They’re the perfect backdrop for play and double up as a whiteboard - so versatile!

The white table tops add so much more versatility to the Carry-Play. I personally like the clean look of the white tops but love that they can also transform the Carry-Play into a light table or white board.

Infinity rainbow puzzle

The infinity rainbow puzzle is amazing! Perfect for little hands, every piece joins with no right or wrong answer!! You can make a rainbow, make a pattern or make a design! It is an addictive and fun open ended toy for children and adults!

Incredible resource!

The Infinity rainbow puzzle is incredible! We've only had it a couple of days and already have had so much use from it. As a teacher and mother I can see how this puzzle will be extremely useful for a variety of play and learning opportunities.
My daughter is 3 years old and so far she has used it to:
- colour sort
- create puzzles, discussing which is an edge and which is a middle piece
- create patterns
- complete patterns I've started
- discuss colours and which colours combined create a new colour
- they've been used in small world play to create "water" and "beds" for her figurines.

As she gets older I can see us using them to put letters and sounds on using a chalk pen or numbers for numeracy and literacy extension.

Wow wow wow!!!

You have done it once again kingdom playroom and you have blown my socks off with your new rainbow puzzle. An open ended resource that has the capacity to cater for a range of ages groups. We have loved incorporating the puzzle into our play and especially with our literacy and learning play and leaning! Definitely recommend!!

5/5 for sibling, water, Lego and sensory

We’ve had our Carry Play for around 3 weeks. We use it almost every day in some capacity. Having dual tables is great for siblings - one doing Lego duplo and another activity on the other side. Cleaning is easy to wash down, and the ability to change the heights so easily is a game changer.
I recommend adding the safety clips if using with younger toddlers.