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Unique Product

Such a cool product and not like anything I've seen! It's truly lightweight and easily portable. If you are into sensory play with your kiddos, this is so great! I like how you can make it your own with the extra add-ons. It's easy to clean and the lego building underside is a huge hit!

Awesome table!

We absolutely love our carry and play table. It is so perfect for on the go but also for messy sensory play. It is so simple to clean which is much appreciated as a mother of a 2 year old. Highly recommend !

So easy to setup and clean and so versatile!

We absolutely love our table! It’s perfect for messy play and so simple to clean up ( we just hose it down outside!). Love how it’s so portable and can take on vacations to bring sensory and water play wherever we go!

Love it!

We absolutely love our Carry-Play table! My 1 year old and 3 year old both enjoy it for sensory play and duplo play. The adjustable legs allows me to change it to suit their play. I love how easy it is to pack it away which is vital in a small house.

So many ways to play!

Aside from being compact and easily portable, I just love how many ways we can use this table. Such a great design with the table tops that have Lego/DUPLO compatibility on the reverse side and the different inserts and attachments make playtime fun and different each time.
We are loving our Carry-Play 😀

I’m truly in awe of how amazing this Carry-Play is! I love how versatile it is as it has so many different ways it can be used! It’s lightweight, which makes it the perfect on the go table to take to the beach, to a park or to anywhere you desire! I highly recommend this table as it’s an absolute game changer in our sensory play!

Easy store, go and play

Love how easily this table breaks down to travel or just move from space to space! We are loving to play with our table in and out and also with different materials in it!

Amazing Table

We love the versatility of this table! It’s portable, compact and easy to carry! Setting it up is simple and sturdy! It allows for hours of open ended play - highly recommend!


An absolute game changer to our sensory play. This compact table has been used every day since the day we purchased and has also come with us to our beach adventures. Definitely recommend! My kids are 6 and 4 and have absolute loved the concept of having the lego boards attached too!

Great play table

We love our carry play table! it's so versatile and I love that it folds up small to pack away. It's easy to set up and use, and so easy to hose down after a messy play. Also really recomend the safety clips for extra stability for carrying it around in table form.

Amazingly Versatile for Play!

We’ve been loving our table as the weather warms up & it can travel outdoors. Perfect for playing in the garden, with water, sand, dirt, etc - so easy to hose off! And love how it easily converts to an easel if you put the lids vertical. Lightweight, easy to carry/transport, highly recommend for toddlers and preschoolers!

Love this item

The dollhouse divider is an awesome addition to the carry play table. It’s easy to set up and adds a lot of value to the table.

Amazing Product!

My 2.5 year old daughter absolutely loves these blocks- so much problem solving and stem learning that naturally comes from play! They can be used to build in so many ways that my husband and I like playing with them too. The come with lots of pieces to try different ways of building. They also catch the light really well and making beautiful light refractions. Definitely would recommend!

Wonderful play table

We love the play table. It is lightweight and so versatile. We use it everyday - inside and outdoors.

Beautiful open ended toy!

My kids have played with these daily since they arrived! They have come up with so many different uses and creations with them. Plus they are gorgeous in the sunlight and on a light table! They are a perfect open ended toy!

So convenient

My 11 month old loves playing sensory activities with this table. It's lightweight and space saving. The ability for it to grow with the kids is great, with the leg extensions and lego tops for later. This would be a great gift idea for all kids!


They are so much fun. Both my kids love creating structures and knocking them down. The possibilities for play are endless!

Nest, stack, build, create!

This product is amazing!
Great quality, and it has provided my little girl with so much fun.

It can be played with in so many different ways which is why it’s perfect for so many different age groups. I love the stacking pyramid because it has more than one purpose and can be used to improve fine motor skills and promote creativity.

It is great for different play schemas (connecting, positioning, enveloping, rotation)
Right now for my 23 month old, it's functions as a great product for stacking in different ways (fine motor skills and hand eye coordination) and also nesting the smaller pieces inside the pyramid -- it helps to learn about different size and is also great for learning about colour. The translucent colour aspect is great as it means it can be used with a light table or even just near a window with some sun light!

For my son who is 12, he loves being creative with the pieces - trying to find different ways to stack/build with them!

I definitely recommend this product, it's great for all ages!

One of my best purchases of the year!

As a cricket wife, for 6 months a year every single Saturday I spend the day (6-7 hours) on the sidelines of a cricket field with 2 children (1y/o & 3 y/o).
Having the Carry Play has been a game changer. The kids now have activities on hand to keep them entertained! They even have a table for lunch & snacks. I’ve actually been able to watch hubby bowl as the kids have been happily entertained!


The carry play table has been a huge hit in our family. I bought it for my 2 year old niece and it has been used inside and out. It’s great for creativity and flexibility. She plays with it all the time and her parents also appreciate it. This is a great product!


I’m thrilled with the carry play we are giving it to our Granddaughter for Christmas

Fantastically versatile

This table has been amazing with my twin three year olds for so many types of play- water, Lego, sensory play, drawing, playdough. We are enjoying being able to take it around the house and outside as needed and it’s so compact it can easily be packed away when not in use! I don’t need to try so hard to think of activities when it’s there, just throw the materials in and it works itself out. Exactly what busy parents need!

Great idea in concept but not durable enough

I was so excited to order this, but the clips broke off the first week (toddler try to figure out how to unclip the lid and was too hard on it) - this wasn't a great fit for our 2 year old but I can see this being great for older kids who are more gentle with their toys. I also wanted to do sensory play in this directly but with the curves/etc on the inside it can be difficult to clean/empty out.

Thanks for your feedback! Yes the clips are definitely not designed for forceful use, which is why we've put a disclaimer that the product is to be used under adult supervision, but the clips are actually easy to put back if the hinges haven't broken off completely. If they're broken completely, I'm happy to send you replacement parts for the clips, I'll reach out to you via email again to arrange this :) As for sensory play, most customers have found it easier to clean up using the removable bins from the Expansion Pack. - Jenny, founder & designer

Loads of fun and huge distractions

I was one of the first to order this table. My 5y twins love the table and pack and unpack the travel table themselves. They are really into lego now and having a space for them to build is nice.

Great Service, Fantastic Toy!

I have been so happy with the level of service that I have had with Kingdom Playroom. One of my bins came with the corner broken and a new set was shipped out SO FAST! Not only is Jenny doing a wonderful job creating a product that my children completely love, but she is also working with her customers to build products that WE want as this product was created based on a survey. The clips work just as they should and the bins allow me to easily move the mess out from the table to clean. I do wish they were more exactly sized for the containers but I understand that would up the price, and I feel that Jenny does a great job to keep this still within many people's budgets. If you are considering a purchase, I would 100% recommend it. :)