Play Ideas For Kids At Home

A free printable guide with easy sensory play ideas you can do at home for 0-5 years.

Compiled by the founder of the Carry-Play, this guide is tried and tested for its low prep and engaging activities.

Find out the essentials you need for sensory play and the best way to plan activities.

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DIY Sensory Play Recipes

The guide includes recipes to make your own sensory bases, such as no-sugar jelly, fizz for potion play, coloured rice and more.

Making your own sensory base is very economical and ensures that it is safe for little hands and mouths.

Sensory Activities By Age

To ensure that your child is playing with age-appropriate set ups, the activities in this play guide are organised by age groups: Babies (6-18M), toddlers (18M to 3 years), and preschoolers (3-5 years).

For instance, sensory play ideas for toddlers are limited to taste-safe options, and preschool sensory play involves more complex fine motor skills in preparation for early years literacy and numeracy.