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Rainbow Infinity Puzzle® 70 Pcs Acrylic Puzzle Set

"I love its open ended play possibilities."

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Supporting play schemas

Say goodbye to seeing your little ones getting frustrated with puzzles and forcing pieces to fit, this is the perfect jigsaw puzzle for toddlers to explore the play schemas of positioning and connecting.

With the exception of the straight edge pieces, all other pieces in every colour can be connected in every direction so the possibilities are quite literally endless.

Designed for early years play-based learning

With all 7 colours of the rainbow and 10 pieces of each colour, there are many ways you can use the Rainbow Puzzle for learning activities by writing on the pieces with whiteboard markers.

Made from thick 3mm clear acrylic, the pieces are large enough for little hands and is easily wipeable.

*NEW* Extra levels of challenge

The open-ended nature of the puzzle allows your little ones to problem solve and explore patterns and symmetry, even more so with the addition of the Geometric Expansion Set.

This add-on pack allows for even more complex builds with shapes like triangles and circles.

This set contains regular jigsaw pieces only, for circular or triangular pieces, please see our Geometric Expansion Sets.

⚠️ If stock is low locally, your order may be dispatched from our overseas holding facility, in which case shipping can take 7-14 days.

The First Ever Open-Ended Jigsaw Puzzle For Toddlers, Preschoolers & Early School Years

Prouldy certified to AS/NZS ISO 8124 Toy Safety Standards for 0-14 Years

Shortlisted in the Junior Design Awards 2023, our Infinity Puzzle is a delightful set of acrylic jigsaw puzzle designed to have fully interchangeable pieces so there are infinite ways to build it!

Full size of completed puzzle is 40 x 28cm (16 x 11"), each piece is approximately 5 x 4cm (2 x 1.5"). Comes in a beautiful cylinder box for easy storage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Kim I.
Love these!

These are so well made and beautiful colors! The creativity is endless and loved by both kids and adults. Wonderful activity to do together! Also excellent, prompt, friendly customer service!

N M.
This puzzle is fantastic!

Mine arrived 2 days ago - my 2.5 year old and 6.5 year old both love it. Pieces feel great, look great and are sturdy. I ordered the expansion pack today. I also work in special education and several of my students (teenage boys with ASD) really enjoyed it yesterday.

K K.
HUGE hit in my kindergarten classroom

The light table and overhead projector were full of the magic these pieces bring.

Ellen G.
Love it!

Highly recommend this puzzle! We just introduced two sets to our preschool. We love the open ended concept, the colors and the quality. What a wonderful way for a three year old to start to understand puzzles!!

J M.

My TK students love this!