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*PREORDER* Infinity Rainbow Puzzle™ 70 Pcs Acrylic Set

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The First Ever Open-Ended Jigsaw Puzzle For Toddlers, Preschoolers & Early School Years

Our newest product is a delightful set of acrylic jigsaw puzzle designed to have fully interchangeable pieces so there are infinite ways to build it!

PDF building templates will be emailed prior to dispatch.

Say goodbye to seeing your little ones getting frustrated with puzzles and forcing pieces to fit, this is the perfect jigsaw puzzle for toddlers to explore the play schemas of positioning and connecting.

With the exception of the straight edge pieces, all other pieces in every colour can be connected in every direction so the possibilities are quite literally endless.

Designed For Early Years Play-Based Learning

With all 7 colours of the rainbow and 10 pieces of each colour, there are many ways you can use the Rainbow Puzzle for learning activities by writing on the pieces with whiteboard markers.

Made from thick 3mm clear acrylic, the pieces are large enough for little hands and is easily wipeable.

They are also beautiful on the Carry-Play light table with our white table lids.

Full size of completed puzzle is 40 x 28cm (16 x 11"), each piece is approximately 5 x 4cm (2 x 1.5"). Comes in a beautiful cylinder box for easy storage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sarah R.
Rainbow Puzzle

We have been loving this open ended puzzle since receiving it. My kids ask to play with it daily. They love the bright colors and I love how it can be used for such a wide age of children. The possibilities are endless with this puzzle!

Infinity rainbow puzzle

The infinity puzzle has been so well loved in our home since receiving it. The boy’s have been pulling them out everyday and it just amazes me how many different ways that you could play with these puzzle pieces. I love how open-ended they are and how creative little one’s can get using them. They are also so gorgeous in the sun and are PERFECT for light exploration🤭 thank you for creating such an AWESOME resource for learning and play 🌈

Emily S.
Fantastic Open Ended Puzzle

This puzzle was gorgeous to unbox and my children (ages 2 and 4) couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. Normally puzzles I have to sit with them to complete, but this one they worked on completely independently. My 4 year old likes to make it into a rainbow and will sit and problem solve. My 2 year old puts them randomly in a line! Excellent addition to our playroom activities.


This puzzle is absolutely incredible. Being an open-ended resource it can be used in so many ways and for all ages and skills. My daughter has just turned 2 and so far she's used it for connecting pieces, colour matching, holding up to the sun to look at light refraction and looking through the pieces to see her surroundings in a different colour. As she gets older we'll be able to use it for sequencing and so much more. I love that we're going to be able to get so much use from a single puzzle and that she won't outgrow it within a year.

Love this!

This puzzle is not only beautiful but it offers hours of play opportunities for my little one being an open ended puzzle. I also love how it looks on a light table!