Best LED Lights For The Carry-Play Light Table

The Carry-Play can easily be turned into a light table simply by adding LED lights into the storage compartments. 

If you want a clear, bright surface for tracing and writing activities, we highly recommend the white table lids, which can also be used as a dry-erase surface.

White Carry-Play light table with magnetic chips and marker drawings

(Above: The white table lids used as a whiteboard light table)

 For the best effect with even light distribution, we've found that wireless light bar or panels with a length of approximately 30-45cm (11-17") are the best.

Amazon (AU)

(2 Pack) 54 LED Wireless Lights 32cm

(2 Pack) 120 LED Wireless Lights 30/40cm

Amazon (US)

(2 Pack) 54 LED Wireless Lights 12.5"

These lights come in a pack of 2 so they're the most economical option if you want to light up both sides of the table.

They come with two settings - Always On, and Motion Sensor - and also include 3 colour modes and 3 brightness levels.


There are more affordable options at your local hardware store, but bear in mind that shorter or smaller lights will have less even light distribution and may create light "spots".

(Above: Using a 30cm Arlec Bar Light from Bunnings)

(Above: Illuminated with 2 x Lytworx Flip Switch from Bunnings)