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White Table Lids (Pack of 2)

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Please kindly note that this pack is the same lids that come with the White Carry-Play.

Offered as an add-on in case you want extra LEGO or Duplo lids, these white table tops can be used as a light box surface by placing LED lights underneath.

Our Rainbow Pyramid and Infinity Puzzle also makes a great light table accessory.

The LEGO pegs that show through form a grid that is great for early learning of geometry, repeat patterns, writing and more!

These white tops are also compatible with most whiteboard markers*.

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*DISCLAIMER: These white tops are plastic and NOT the same material composite as a true whiteboard, which is generally of a porcelain and glass composite.

Alcohol-based markers work best, but always test a small patch first to ensure it can be erased. Please test every colour you intend to use. Every brand uses different pigmentation in its colours, so some colours may not wipe 100% clean.

In the event that there is ghosting after erasing, simply add a few drops of hand santiser and rub gently to remove any stains. Or, use vinegar diluted with water in 1:1 ratio.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Gabrielle S.
Duplo lovers!

We had to have the option to make the table
surface a full duplo one! Very happy we got these additional lids for that alone! They happen to look great as well, providing a nice nuetral look.

Angela H.
Best Lids!

These lids have been so good for my duplo loving 3 year old. They are perfect for the Elsa world she wants to make all the time. They make the carry play look so good too and match our living space.

Sally A.
Perfect for Open Ended Play

We seriously love our white lids in our home- they are so versatile!! My favourite hack is using them for a light box… perfect!!

Fun in the dark!

We love using it as a white table and my child absolutely loves the idea of it! We paired it up with anything translucent and we are good to go!

Perfect for a variety of play

I purchased the white lids mainly to use as a light table option with our Carry-Play. They've been absolutely amazing for using as a light table!