The First Ever Portable Montessori Table

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Montessori water table for kids
Montessori craft activity table
Duplo table with storage
Kids sand table with storage

Folding Kids Table To Maximise Your Play Space

✪ Weighs only 3.3kg
✪ Smaller than a standard cabin baggage

✪ One-step folding table body

The Carry-Play™ is highly portable and stows away easily, so you can play whenever and wherever is most convenient.

Whether you have a smaller living space, love to take your child to the great outdoors, or visit friends and family, the Carry-Play™ is your personal portable playroom.

Portable Montessori table as a suitcase when folded
Montessori activity table with storage compartments and organisers

An Activity Table For Easy Toy Storage

✪ Easy wipe surfaces
✪ Duplo-compatible base plates
✪ 2 x large storage trays
✪ 4 x stackable clip-on holders

Uniquely designed for the early years, the Carry-Play™ comes with ample storage space to keep activities and craft supplies organised.

An elevated surface keeps the mess off the ground, maximises play space, and creates a dedicated creative zone for toddlers & preschoolers.

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Built for Creative Freedom

✪ 100% waterproof design
✪ Durable, scratch-resistant plastic
✪ Three height settings

Designed for sensory activities with water, sand, mud and more, the Carry-Play™ grows with your child and is built to last for years.

Versatile in its use for play-based learning, the Carry-Play™ is a lifelong investment in the early years of childhood.

Carry-Play height adjustable kids table with three height settings

Beautifully Designed For Every Playroom

✪ Proudly designed in Australia
✪ Handcrafted illustrations
✪ Gender-neutral soft colours
✪ Clean, minimalistic design
✪ Fully rounded edges for safety

Inspired by the Scandinavian concept of Hygge (hue-guh), the Carry-Play™ is designed to complement every moment of comfort, cosiness and charm within an environment.

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Praise From Mums Around The World

I love this!! We have the IKEA sensory table and do love it but this one has spots for legos and even more sensory potential and I love all the variety it offers. 

Karlee K. M

This is needed in my house! I love having messy play dates and birthday parties. This will be perfect for extra kids coming over and weekly use!!

Claudia. P

We are parents to two children on the spectrum. This table is going to be a game changer for our family!

Sarah O.D

I’m an Early Childhood Educator, and I’m running my own Family Day Care.  I’m going to pass the website to other fellow educators. I’m sure they will be interested too. 

Maria H.I

Timeline of the Carry-Play™

May 2020


We began working with mechanical engineers and CAD designers to create sketches of the Carry-Play™.

May 2020
Sep 2020

Design Development

We register for a patent and partner with a local Australian manufacturer to refine technical drawings and test prototypes.

Sep 2020
Oct 2020

Product Launch

Pre-orders open worldwide and the Carry-Play™ goes into production, which will take approx. 3-4 months.

Oct 2020
Feb 2021

Samples Produced

The first samples undergo quality control checks and go through a trial run with kids testers.

Feb 2021
Mar 2021

Ready For Shipping

The first batch of Carry-Play™ is packed and shipped to our warehouses in the US, Australia, UK and Hong Kong.

Mar 2021
Apr 2021

Delivered To You

Our warehouses pack and dispatch the Carry-Play™ to customers around the world.

Apr 2021

Free delivery worldwide in April 2021

Our first production run is limited, secure your Carry-Play™ today!

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