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The best investment!

Where do I start, the most versatile carry play table that can be used inside, outdoors, on holidays, with friends, independently.. the list goes on! I love that it has multiple height choices and is super easy to clean and pack away, we use ours everyday. Highly recommend!

So versatile!

We received our carry play the other week and it already has been used in so many different ways. I love that it folds up so small but can be used for so many different things. Highly recommend

Love these!

These are so well made and beautiful colors! The creativity is endless and loved by both kids and adults. Wonderful activity to do together! Also excellent, prompt, friendly customer service!

This puzzle is fantastic!

Mine arrived 2 days ago - my 2.5 year old and 6.5 year old both love it. Pieces feel great, look great and are sturdy. I ordered the expansion pack today. I also work in special education and several of my students (teenage boys with ASD) really enjoyed it yesterday.

HUGE hit in my kindergarten classroom

The light table and overhead projector were full of the magic these pieces bring.

Love it!

Highly recommend this puzzle! We just introduced two sets to our preschool. We love the open ended concept, the colors and the quality. What a wonderful way for a three year old to start to understand puzzles!!

With every cent

Beautiful colours , so tactile we showed our preschool teacher and it was declared as must have.

A sensory table I’m not afraid to get wet!

We’ve owned our carry-play for 6 months now and I’m a huge fan! We’ve been using other sensory tables before getting a carry-play and the biggest advantage for me was being able to do messy play and water play and not worry about it getting ruined! I’m impressed with the quality and it’s held up incredibly well so far. I also love the versatility for so many types of play, and of course that it packs down compactly for storage and play on the go! Would absolutely recommend.

Playroom Must Have!

We love the Carry Play table. It is so versatile, with many ways to set up to cater to particular activities and or age groups. I have 3 children aged 5 and under and they all use this table equally. It’s become a permanent set up in our play nook. Perfect for all activities, even the messiest of plays as it cleans up easily. Highly recommend!


I wish it would have been more clear about what items are included, that the boards only fit in the slots that make them stand up when there is nothing else on the board. I wish they wouldn't require you to have bundled things because now we have two extra flat pieces that cover the space and we also have nowhere to store these things when not in use. I was under the impression ALL toys, boards, inserts, etc would fit inside for easy storage and carry play. Disappointed. My kids haven't even played in it yet. I would say this is not worth the money and to see if you can buy a secondhand one.

Hi Julia, I've reached out to you privately but also replying here as a public response! I see that you've left the review before your kids even had the opportunity to use it, I would encourage you to explore its full potential first before deciding whether it's only worth 1 star. The inclusions of the Carry-Play are clearly listed in the product details here and bundling is completely optional. The add-on inserts and trays just make it easier to prep and clean up sensory play, but can also be done without.

All the standard inclusions of the Carry-Play fit nicely into the suitcase, but additional accessories are added features that cannot possibly ALL fit into the table as there is still a space limitation within the suitcase. I'm not sure what you means about the boards standing up, but they can also be placed slanted at three different angles if you don't like them vertically at 90 degrees. As I've mentioned in my email, I'm happy to refund you for the additional white table lids that you purchased, but they are great for light play :) - Jenny, founder & designer

Silicon Placemat

My kids love the Silicon Placemat, they love that they have their own and can do their own activities with it, such as painting and drawing.
It is so easy to clean and we love that the Carry-Play side trays fit in it.

A great resource

Such a wonderful resource that can be used so many different ways & it’s so easy to clean 🙌

So good!

What an excellent mat this is! My daughter (age 4) has really enjoyed creating ontop of it, the paint squares are perfect and having the little tubs fit in make it all that much better. And! It washes so easily.


Great open ended play

Do it!

Love this! So open ended!

Silicone Placement Mat - The Best!

Absolutely love this mat! My 4 year old granddaughter is always trying to use glue or water to play with her little animals. This mat saves the day when cleaning up after her play. She was using the slots on the top as pretend pools, filling with water for her small animals.

I have been wanting a pump for sensory play but so overwhelmed with choosing one. So happy that Kingdom Playroom found the perfect one without me having to wonder if it will work with my table.

Best purchase ever!

We absolutely love our new water pump from Kingdom Playroom. My 3 year old spends so much time playing with water activities now. The pump charges quickly and lasts ages. We are super happy we purchased this pump.

Good quality but not very stable when placed on the insert.Would be better if it fit nicely.

Hi Adeline, thanks for your feedback! I'm keen to know why you feel it is unstable? The potion stand is designed to have a wide base so it does not tip over. It is also cut to fit the table perfectly, but it is loose enough to be moved, so yes it does not 'lock' into the table, if that's what you mean by unstable :) This is still a really new product, so there's always potential for it to improve and change based on customer feedback, so I appreciate you taking time for this! - Jenny, founder & designer

What an amazing design!

This puzzle is it - no more of my little man getting frustrated trying to get the pieces to fit in the right places - he can connect these anyway he wants, and you get the bonus ofenjoying and learning the beautiful rainbow of colours.

Can't wait to use the puzzle with the light table too - endless hours of fun - the expansion pack is next on my list! Another brilliant innovation from Kingdom Playroom, thank you!

It's so worth the money!!!

When I came across this table after scrolling play accounts on Instagram, I immediately became obsessed with the Kingdom Playroom instagram account and with getting this table for my 20 month old son. It is SO worth the investment - I absolutely love it. The design is absolutely genius - the one table gives you a huge number of options for play, its truly incredible. I love that I can pick it up and move it so easily around the house depending on where we want to set up the play area, and with the lego/duplo reversible table tops and various inserts, you can set up to do anything you want - literally. I'm so impressed with the design and can see so much value in all the additions I have bought all the inserts, and am about to purchase the new silicon mat and water pump combo - absolutely genius and will be perfect for Summer , I can already visualise the amazing water play we will do with this table!

If you are on the fence with this due to the cost - buy it, you won't be disappointed and the versatility is unlike anything I've seen anywhere in terms of play equipment for kids. Thank you so much Kingdom Playroom!!!!!!! xx


I operate a childcare center from home. and I purchased this table as a way to merge several activites into one product (if that makes sense). Well, this product hits it out of the ballpark! I can do sensory bins, I can stand the tops up to divide the bins or slant them for painting. I can use it with the tops down for drawing or practicing letter writing with dry-erase markers (YES! It wipes clean). This is a game changer for my kids because when we're done, I can fold it up and put it away OR leave it out for the next activity. I may actually pick up another one, because it folds I don't really have to worry about where its going to go! THANKS for a GREAT product!!


I purchased this puzzle mainly because it was colorful. My daycare kiddos love it because its easy for them to put together and there is almost no wrong way to do it! I love things that hold their attention for long periods and have multiple ways to play. Talk about open ended! This is a great puzzle for younger children to feel confident doing AND the colors are fabulous!

Great for enhancing creativity

My kids love this! It expands their creativity and out of the box thinking. My son especially loves making train tracks out of these apart from the puzzles. However it was sad that 1 piece of the circle geometry broke and split in two when my son accidentally stepped on it. But luckily it was a symmetrical split so it still looked ok. Attached is a photo of the split piece, it's still looks nice though.