Does Your Child Need A Chair? Healthy Play Positions For Kids

Table and chairs go together like salt and pepper, so it seems a no-brainer to buy chairs once you get a kids table. But is it really necessary?

Many studies have shown the detriments of extended periods of sitting for adults, but even with kids it's undeniable that there are much better positions of learning and playing than sitting.

Standing, for instance, allows kids to move and play freely around the table without restraint. A chair is typically reserved for classrooms where kids "need" to stay put in one spot in order for the educator to effectively conduct lessons.

But the same cannot be said for a home environment, where children should be allowed to move as they please.

Is Kneeling Better Than Sitting?

The short answer is most definitely YES! In fact, kneeling has been shown to have even more benefits than standing.

Kneelings positions for kids when using the kids table

Not to be confused with the W sitting position, "short kneeling" has both knees pointed forward and feet tucked under the bum.

"Tall kneeling" is essentially short kneeling but straightening the thighs and raising the body.

Both positions strengthen muscles that are essential for both fine and gross motor development like coordinating both sides of the body, jumping, sitting straight in a chair, holding a pencil, using scissors etc.

We've personally never used a chair when using the Carry-Play table, my kids just naturally prefer to stand, kneel or sit on the floor.

The Carry-Play, in particular on the lower height setting, is perfectly suited for kneeling for ages 2 to 8.

So when customers ask which chairs are compatible with the Carry-Play table, we usually first ask what ages are their kids.

The table is designed for play, and for young children there are so many more benefits with standing or kneeling when playing!