IKEA Flisat vs Carry-Play

If you're doing sensory play, Montessori, or open-ended play at home, the Carry-Play portable kids table is the new kid on the block that's being compared to the Flisat for a few good reasons.

Developed, manufactured and patent-registered by a Melbourne mum of three young boys, the Carry-Play is a multi-functional portable table created to maximise your use of play space by reducing the number of bulky equipments you'll otherwise need for different activities.

 For an in-depth comparison of the Carry-Play vs Flisat, check out this review by Hannah Fathi, author and creator of Baby Play Hacks.


IKEA Flisat vs Carry-Play kids table comparison

Table surface size comparison of Carry-Play and Flisat kids table

In terms of table surface, the Carry-Play is slightly smaller than the Flisat, but its storage space is the same as 2 x large Trofast tubs, which are the trays that go under the Flisat table.

Height-wise, the Carry-Play is slightly higher than the Flisat, so it will last longer for taller children both in sitting and standing play positions.

Table height comparison of Carry-Play and Flisat kids table

Pros & Cons of Flisat Table

The price point of the IKEA Flisat table makes it one of the most affordable wooden kids tables on the market, both in the U.S and Australia. 

When used with the additional purchase of Trofast tubs and activity inserts, it also allows for a good variety of sensory and Montessori play set ups.

However, because it’s made of timber, it’s not waterproof and is high maintenance if you want to use it for water or messy sensory play on a regular basis.

It stains and chips more easily particularly with painting activities or sensory play involved dyes and food colouring.

It’s also technically not height adjustable. You could buy Flisat stools and swap out the stool legs with the table legs for a lower height, but it’s not a quick change so you wouldn’t want to regularly switch it up.

At a weight of 8kg (17.6lbs) it's also not a table that you'd want to lug around, so there's really not much flexibility in where you conduct activities.

Pros & Cons of Carry-Play

The Carry-Play, on the other hand, folds to the size of a standard flight carry-on luggage and can be stowed away to save space for those in smaller homes.

Its portability allows it to be quickly transported around for indoor and outdoor activities so you can set up play wherever suits your child.

Made from high quality and durable ABS plastic, it’s water resistant for easy cleaning and messy play.

Adjustable table heights for baby, toddler and preschooler

Photo credit: Instagram @play.learn.flourish

The Carry-Play is specifically designed to be highly adaptable for different ages and versatile for early years play, so it’s perfect for different activities with siblings or mates. 

With fully removable and interchangeable leg pieces, it can be used as a floor tray for babies to explore sensory activities, and adding height to it takes only a few seconds.

Its LEGO and Duplo compatible lids can also be inserted vertically, which opens up endless possibilities for creative play.
 Duplo vertical building examples and play ideas
Credits (from left): @_our.enchanted.farm | @kiddo_channel | @cardboard.kiddo

However, because the Carry-Play is lightweight and can easily be lifted by a toddler, parental supervision is strongly recommended when it's being used for children under 3.

We have optional safety clips that can be purchased either standalone or included with the Expansion Pack. These will "lock" the table in the open position so that younger kids cannot fold it down.

Which is the best sensory table?

Flisat table is good for:

  • Large indoor play areas
  • Non-messy activities
  • Single child use (or 2 closely aged children)
  • Small budgets

If you only need a table for fairly clean activities and have the space for a table to be semi-permanently in one position, then the IKEA Flisat table is a great choice.

It is, however, shorter than the Carry-Play so it is not an ideal height for standing play and your child will outgrow it more quickly even at sitting height.

Carry-Play table is good for:

  • Small spaces
  • Messy play
  • LEGO, Duplo, Mega Bloks
  • Up to 3 siblings from 0-8y
  • Travels/outdoor play

If you only have a small play space, or prefer an all-in-one solution for various activities (as opposed to buying multiple tables for different set ups), then the Carry-Play can comfortably cover all your child’s play interests from babyhood to early school years.

It is also designed to be taller than a standard kids table so it’s a perfect play height for standing, sitting or kneeling (on the lower height setting).



Floor tray



Height adjustments

2 heights built in - 54cm (21”) and 36cm (14”)

Only 1 height 48cm (19”); lower height 28cm (11”) requires additional use of Flisat stool legs




Mega Bloks

Yes, all 3 compatible


Vertical canvas



outdoor play



Light table

Yes, with white lids

Yes, with extra insert


Yes, with white lids



Yes, with dividers


Toy storage

Yes, built-in 

No (requires Trofast tubs)





3.5kg (7.7lbs)

8kg (17.6lbs)

Table surface

60 x 45cm  (27 x 18”)

83 x 58cm (33 x 23”)


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