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Stacking Rainbow Pyramid 30 Pcs

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S.T.E.M Building Toys For 3-5 Year Olds

Explore the science and art of light, physics, and geometry with our nesting Rainbow Pyramid.

S.T.E.M toys help to develop cognitive thinking that includes problem solving skills. 

This set of building blocks can be stacked in a variety of way by rotating and nesting the pieces - the possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Every block is a solid piece, which means there are no glue, screws or fixtures, so they are very strong and safe for little hands.

Made from high quality and durable ABS, our Rainbow Pyramid is scratch-resistant and waterproof.

Light Table Accessories For Preschool Activities

30 pieces (+ 2 FREE stands) of translucent toys that make perfect light table blocks.

The Rainbow Pyramid makes great light table toys in combination with the Carry-Play White Table Tops, all you need are LED lights placed under the table tops.

It looks equally stunning under direct sunlight. Use the pieces to create delightful rainbow reflections, or for tracing activities and sensory play.

Customer Reviews

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Zoe. C.
Absolute Favourite!

This is by far mine and my kids favourite open ended toy. It is made out of really sturdy plastic, so it won’t break easily on you. The amount of difference pieces you get is fantastic. Perfect for a heap of different builds or patterns.
Now I want another set so my kids don’t fight over it 😆

Rainbow Stacker

Our rainbow stacker has been so much fun for both my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter. I love watching their little brains problem solve as they find new ways to create and stack. I was so impressed with my son when he used the booklet of ideas to create his own diamond pyramid. Such an open ended and versatile toy. Can’t wait to see what other creations my kids make :)

Delightful open-ended resource!

My daughter has been loving stacking these (she’s 21 months old) and likes to separate them into colours. I love that they are so open-ended! There’s so many different creations you can make with these. We have been using them on top of our Carry Play table when we turn it into a light box; the transparent rainbow design makes them beautiful to play with on top of the light! These will grow with my daughter over the years as her creativity grows and she becomes even more interested in building/creating/imaginative play.

Such beautiful colorful open ended play !

Both of
My kids LOVED these both outside in water and inside on the light table. Aside from the smallest red pieces, my one year old played with them in the baby pool & my almost 4 yr old loved building with them & making shapes inside out kingdomplayroom table and inside. Easily cleans off, can be written on with our kwikstix, used on our light insert & more.

Stacking Rainbow Pyramid

This resource has seriously been so well loved by my boy’s since receiving it. It’s so hard to find resources or toys that all the kid’s can engage with. This has been an awesome way for the boy’s to play together as well as connect with one another. I absolutely love how versatile they are and also they look gorgeous in the light or sun. Thank you for creating open-ended resources that allow little one’s to showcase their creativity and use their imagination in different ways🙌🏻❤️