Does My Toddler Need A Table?

What ages is the Carry-Play for?

The Carry-Play can be used as a floor tray for babies that can sit up unassisted, from as young as six months.

However, kids under three years old must be supervised when using the table.

The table height can be raised to comfortably accommodate kids up to 7-8 years old.

Kids playing with Duplo table

(Above: Boys aged 7 and 5 respectively from left to right)

Are kids tables worth it?

Whether or not it's worth investing in a kids table depends on what you plan to do with it.

If you only need a flat surface for typical activities like eating, arts and crafts, play dough etc, your child could just use a booster seat at a regular adult table.

But if you want to foster a love for play and learning at home, follow Montessori, or set up sensory activities including tactile play like LEGO or Duplo, a kids table is essential in creating a space that's more conducive to independent play.

Benefits of child-sized furniture

Encourages independence

Tables that are set to a child's height allows them to self-help as everything is within reach, so they don't require as much parental input.

Fosters confidence

When kids have greater control over their environment, they are more confident in playing independently and it's easier for them to be mentally invested in their activities.

Nurtures social skills

Kid-sized tables allow siblings and friends to engage in social play more effectively because they're engaging with each other on the same level and younger ones can also join in.

If you want to put an activity out of reach from babies who are putting things in their mouths, you can set the Carry-Play at its full height so it's safe from tiny hands.

Safer for kids

Last but not least, adult furniture is always more dangerous for little ones due to their size and weight. The risk of falling is high with full sized chairs, particularly for toddlers and preschoolers.

With the adjustable heights of the Carry-Play kids table, little ones can safely and comfortably play while sitting or kneeling on the floor.

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