Which Chairs Are Compatible With The Carry-Play?

To assist you in finding the right chairs for your Carry-Play, we've compiled a few options that have a good seat height for the taller setting on the table, skip to local recommendations in your country:
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Tips for choosing a chair

Before we look at chairs, it's worth mentioning that there are many proven benefits to standing or kneeling when playing.

In most cases (even for adults), it is actually healthier and ergonomically better to be standing or kneeling when using the table.

For more information, check out our article on Healthy Play Positions For Kids.

If you are certain you would like chairs to go with the Carry-Play, it comes with two height settings, and each one requires a different type of seat.

On the lower height, most weaning chairs and booster seats can be used, up to a maximum seat height of 15cm (or 6").

On the taller table height, you would need a stool or chair with a seat height of at least 30cm (or 12"). If your child is taller, a lower chair of seat height of 28cm (or 11") might be okay too.

chairs for Carry-Play kids table

Kids Chairs in Australia

Hudson Kids Chairs - Set of 2

Hudson White Kids Chairs - Set of 2

Also available in natural wood colour.

This is a set of very economical and beautifully designed chairs by Mocka. It is also made from birch plywood, which is stronger and higher quality than MDF.

26/28/30cm Height Adjustable Chairs (2 Pack)

Height adjustable kids chair

Also available in pink.

The only height adjustable chair we found, it goes from 26cm up to 30cm and is the perfect option to grow with your child.

B.Toys Ivory Chairs (Set of 2)

With easy twist-on legs made from solid wood, this set of chairs is tastefully designed to fit into the modern home.

Mocka Kids Star Stool

The good thing about stools is that it really encourages kids to sit up straight, or at least takes away the back support which often leads to slouching or poor sitting positions.

IKEA Kritter Kids Chair

From what we can see, the IKEA Kritter Chair appears to be only available in Australia, it does not seem to be an option in the U.S.

In terms of design, it has embossed little animals, which is a delightful little detail.

Kids Chairs in United States


Below are some of the best options we've found on Amazon, all with a seat height of at least 12".

IKEA Mammut Chair

If you have access to IKEA or can afford shipping, both the Mammut chair and stool are 12" in seat height.

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