8 Best Toys For Toddlers Who Have Everything In 2022

8 Best Toys For Toddlers Who Have Everything

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Kids who have plenty of toys tend to suffer from play fatigue, meaning it gets increasingly harder to find toys for toddlers that will pique their interest or entertain them long periods of time.

So what do you get a kid who has too many toys? The best way to approach this conundrum is to find unique gifts for kids that are multipurpose in nature, i.e. it can be played in more than one ways. This type of toys have higher playability and can engage children for longer.

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1) Sandpal

Best building set for constructive play

Australia-based Sandpal is taking the world by storm with its unique set of building tools that can be used with sand, snow, and mud.

Unlike traditional beach toys, Sandpal’s builder kit allows kids to make perfectly shaped blocks to construct their own buildings. For best effect, it does require the material to be moist and dense enough to be moulded well.

Their How To Use page has some great information and inspiration that will definitely get bored kids excited about play!

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2) Personalised Flower Press

Best artistic nature playset

A personalised flower press adds a unique touch to this gift and you can find many handmade ones on Etsy.

The traditional art of flower pressing originated in ancient Egypt and it was a popular art form in Japan in the 1500s. It then became a fashionable pastime in the Victorian Era when trade with the Japanese increased.

A simple and beautifully calming activity, flower pressing can easily be done by little hands and fingers too. It is a lot of fun for kids to go on a scavenger hunt for leaves and flowers that they like.

The pressed flowers can be used for craft activities like this gorgeous framed flowers, which look so pretty against the window as a suncatcher! You can also use pressed flowers to make bookmarks and cards, perfect as a handmade gift.

3) 3-in-1 STEM Stacking Shapes

Best creative learning puzzle toy

Designed for early years STEM learning, Stacking Shapes is a combination of puzzles, balancing blocks and loose parts play.

By integrating three play schemas – Connecting, Positioning, Rotation – it appeals to kids’ natural play interests and behaviour to engage them for longer periods of time.

With a challenge booklet included, it has a range of different puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers to try and build. For younger ones, the geometric pieces can be played in open-ended ways that complement their other interests.

4) Round Silicone Ice Molds

Best tool for easy sensory play

If you’re a wine lover, you’ll probably be familiar with round ice cubes, they’re often added to liquor as a cute party drink. But you can just as easily adapt it for play activities.

Add food colouring or fruit juice to the smaller ice trays to create your own colourful sensory ice balls. They’re fun to eat and kids love to feel them melting in their mouths.

For the larger ice ball tray, add tiny figurines into the tray before freezing, like dinosaurs or mermaids. Once frozen, it’s a challenging and enjoyable excavation activity that can keep little ones busy for a good 15 minutes or so as they try to rescue the figurines.

5) Preschool Logic Puzzles by Smart Games

Best educational toys for toddlers

Smart Games is a European company that specialises in children’s puzzle games, ranging from toddlers (2+ years) to school-aged (7+). Most of their games are designed for single players, which is great if you want to keep your child occupied while you get work done.

Bunny Boo is their easiest game designed for 2+ years, while Castle Logix and Camelot Junior are two of their international bestsellers, suitable for ages 3+ and 4+ respectively.

Their official website only delivers within European countries, but you can easily find their games on your local Amazon and eBay.

6) Cooperative Board Games by Peaceable Kingdom

Best social learning game for kids

Sharing, reading social cues, knowing how to communicate with others, these are important people skills that we all want to teach our kids.

To this end, Peaceable Kingdom specialises in games that actually require the players to cooperate in order to win, instead of competing against each other. Their games are designed for as young as 2+ to school-aged children up to 7+, so you can start nurturing social skills from young.

Their games are beautifully designed with characters and themes that will appeal to toddlers and preschoolers of both genders, like Mole Rats in Space, the Fairy Game, and Mermaid Island.

7) Carry-Play™

Best portable Montessori activity table

Technically not a toy, the Carry-Play is the first-ever kids’ table designed to be travel-friendly. Its table tops have reversible sides compatible with Duplo and it opens up a lot more opportunities for play around the house and out-and-about.

What makes this a great gift for children who already have millions of toys is that it adds an extra dimension to their playtime. Bored with their train sets? Pack it up with the Carry-Play and have a change of scenery. A change in location can often spark new ideas and creativity in kids.

The Carry-Play is also a great way to organise your playroom on a budget.

8) Connetix Tiles

Best open-ended Montessori toy set

Last but not least, with its beautifully enticing bright colours and endless creative possibilities, Connetix Tiles are a household favourite around the world.

If you don’t already have this at home, we highly recommend the smallest set (24 pieces) that comes with two cars with rubber wheels, so it makes a great STEM learning set too.

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