• Original (Coloured)

    These are the 2 lids that are included with the Carry-Play. One is a Duplo base, and the other is LEGO.

  • White Table Tops (Set of 2)

    These are plain white tops that are available as a set - 1 x Duplo base, and 1 x LEGO. They can be used as a whiteboard but some markers may cause staining. They are also suitable as a light table surface (see next section).

Do I need the white table tops?

If you want an all-white look for the Carry-Play, or if you just want an extra Duplo or Lego base, then you may want to consider getting the white tops.

Buy White Table Tops
  • White Table Tops

    As can be seen here, the white Duplo base (left) and Lego base (left) give off slightly different hues in the same light.

  • Frosted Acrylic Insert

    Here is a comparison of the Solid Acrylic Insert (left) vs the white LEGO top (right) as a light table. Light distribution is more even on the LEGO top, but the acrylic insert lets through clearer light.

Which one is better for light play?

This is an entirely personal preference. When compared side by side, it would look like the solid insert is brighter, but the light can be very glaring.

On the other hand, if you use the white table tops on their own, they're definitely bright enough for light play and the light is much more even and softer.

  • Solid Insert

    The solid insert (left) is frosted on one side and the other side easily wipes clean with all markers, crayons, paint etc, making it a very versatile surface for arts and writing.

  • Tray Inserts

    (Left) Standard Tray Insert to fit the trays that included in the Expansion Pack.

    (Right) Trofast Tub Insert to fit small tub from IKEA.

  • Flisat Activity Adaptor

    This adaptor is an insert that allows Flisat activity boards to fit within the Carry-Play.

    (Top) Flisat Activity Adaptor with a Standard Tray Insert underneath for support.

    (Bottom) Examples of Flisat activity boards that are found on Etsy and other small business makers.