[DIY] Best IKEA Pegboard Busy Boards

[DIY] Best IKEA Pegboard Busy Boards

IKEA pegboard busy board water play

Busy boards are brilliant for sensory and fine motor skills development.

Whilst you can buy ready-made busy boards from most toy stores, it is not difficult to make your own from an IKEA Skadis pegboard.

The pegboard is a great tool for this project because it comes with a variety of accessories for affixing different items onto the pegboard, it’s easy to switch items around, and you can even reuse the pegboard for other things.

The follow are some of the best IKEA pegboard busy board ideas that we’ve seen.

The My Mini Adventurer is a good place to start, as it gives some basic instructions about how you may wish to approach this project.

Credit: My Mini Adventurer

This busy board from We Are Still Friends makes use of a variety of hardware items that may seem appealing for play, including a small wheel, a door stopper, different locks, handles and a tube for balls and a cup to catch them!

This DIY Busy board from My Teaching Lab uses a variety of items each prompting a different type of manipulation, including a brush, tea strainers, a lock and carabiners!

This DIY busy board from Coop.Sweet. shows that you can make use of existing objects within the home to make your own busy board. How clever is the way that the mirror is hung, and also the use of the toilet paper roll holder!

Making a DIY busy board does not have to be an elaborate project. It may even be pulled together in an afternoon (depending on how you go about it).

Finally, this water wall is brilliant for some outside play. It allows older kids to make their own water runs, utilising problem solving and creative thinking along the way! Details are available on Inspire My Play.

Photo Credit: Inspire my Play

As always, be careful to supervise play with busy boards, be alert to potential choking risks (and sharp edges!) and have lots of fun enjoying play time with your child.

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