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Need help with your Carry-Play?

Thank you for your kind support of our original patented design, the Carry-Play portable kids activity table!

This is the official support page to provide help for the Carry-Play.

As it is a first-ever concept and design, we actively encourage customers to provide us with feedback to help us improve on the product and user experience. If you’ll like to contribute, we welcome you to send us an email at

If your question is not listed here, please email us so we can assist further.

Join The Carry-Play Discussion

We highly recommend all customers join the Carry-Play Facebook Group – it is a fantastic community of users who are parents just like you.

They frequently share their experiences, play setups, and have discussions on how to maximise the use of their Carry-Play.

IMPORTANT: Care Instructions

Due to its compact size and portability, the Carry-Play™ is categorised as a toy (not furniture) and as such should be used and cared for accordingly. It is intended for children only and NOT for adults.

  • DO NOT stand, sit, or climb on the Carry-Play™ whether folded or open. We take no responsibility for any accidents or damages resulting from the incorrect use of this product.
  • DO NOT leave exposed to sun and/or rain for extended periods of time. While this product is suitable for outdoor use, it must be kept indoors for proper care and maintenance. 
  • DO NOT allow children to fold or assemble the Carry-Play™ unsupervised. 
  • DO NOT check-in the Carry-Play™ on planes. It should ONLY be carry-on cabin baggage.


Safety clips & locks

Depending on how the individual child interacts with the Carry-Play, it can buckle upwards in the middle when shoved from the side in an open position.

If you find your child frequently pushing the Carry-Play and causing it to fold upwards, you may want to secure it with the below safety clips or locks.

Both options are fully removable so you can still fold and pack away the Carry-Play when needed.

Where to find in United States:

Where to find in Australia:

The safety clips are also available for FREE with our Carry-Play Expansion Pack.

How to attach side trays/buckets

“Open” Position – Not Recommended

This attachment style allows for more flexibility and you can remove the table top even with the side trays attached.

The trays are also more secure and don’t fall off easily thanks to the movement of the clasp that it’s attached to.

However, at the same time, the flexibility poses a risk to the hinges of the clasp snapping off if too much force is used, which is why we don’t recommend this attachment for those with babies or toddlers.

The majority of breakages in the clasps have occurred from younger kids attempting to forcefully insert or remove the side trays.

“Closed” Position – Recommended

This is our standard and preferred way of attachment. Once you lock the table clasp and hear a click, the bucket needs to be slotted in at an angle after the table clasp is locked in place.

In the closed position, the tray can get knocked off more easily than in the open position, but the benefit is that you don’t risk snapping off the table clasp.

The latch is too tight

The main latch that locks the two table halves together can sometimes become tight due to slight expansion/compression caused by a difference in air pressure and humidity created during international transit.

Allow the Carry-Play to acclimatise to your local environment by keeping it in a closed/locked position when not in use. The latch should loosen up after a few weeks.

When opening a tight latch, press down on the top section while opening the latch from the corner at an angle, as illustrated here:

If the latch remains too tight and is causing pain to your fingers when opening it, please get in touch with us ( and we will send a replacement latch with simple instructions on how to install it.

The latch is too loose

If, however, your latch is loose and doesn’t click into place, this is also completely normal and we recommend doing this quick test:

Pack up the table and close the latch. Then lift up the table by the handles and walk around with it, give it a bit of a jiggle, and see if the latch holds in place.

If the latch doesn’t pop open and the table remains closed while moving around, then there is no safety and usability issue, in which case it’s fine to leave the latch as it is.

However, if the latch doesn’t hold the table together and it pops apart after being lifted, please get in touch with us ( and we will send a replacement latch with simple instructions on how to install it.

Damaged/broken/missing parts

The Carry-Play™ is covered by a standard 12 months warranty for any manufacture defects or missing parts.

Please kindly note that “manufacture defects” refer to any issue that affects the functionality and safety of the product. It does NOT include cosmetic damages like scratches.

During the warranty period, Kingdom Playroom will replace any defective Carry-Play™ that is reported to us by the original buyer.

The warranty is only valid on the premise that the consumer used the product in a reasonable and foreseeable way as it is intended to be used. The warranty does not cover problems resulting from abuse, accidents, or misuse. 

To make a claim on your warranty, please email us at with your order number and attach photos of the damage, including the packaging if applicable.

Blocking or cleaning the crevices/nooks

Sand, beads and other loose parts for play can get caught in the partition gaps of the compartments.

Here are a few ticks for a quicker clean up:

  • Use a vacuum – some models have a thin nozzle that are designed to clean small spaces
  • Flush them out with water, either in the shower or outside in the garden
  • For sticky materials like slime, use a cotton bud to get into corners or crevices

You can also DIY removable stoppers using silicone furniture leg covers:

The silicone pads are available on eBay (20x30mm for smaller nook and 25x38mm for the larger nook). It ships worldwide from China so delivery times may be longer.

Tips for wet/dry sensory play

Setting up

The Carry-Play is fully waterproof for wet and dry sensory play, however when used at its full height, it can be unsteady if the compartments are too full with water or sand.

To remedy this, we recommend the following actions:

  1. Lower the table height during sensory play so the table has a lower center of gravity.
  2. Instead of filling the compartments directly with sand or water, use a tray such as the small IKEA Trofast tub instead.

Removable inner trays are available with our Carry-Play Expansion Pack.

Chairs for the Carry-Play

To aid you in finding the perfect chair, here is a measurement diagram for seating space under the Carry-Play.

Carry-Play table measurements for chairs

Thanks to our amazing community of users sharing their feedback, we’ve also compiled a list of chairs that are compatible with the Carry-Play and will continue to add to this list as more options are tried and tested.

For Carry-Play lower height

Chair height of 8-13cm (3-5″) works best, most booster seats or weaning chairs are within this range.

For Carry-Play full height

Depending on the height of your child, chairs with a seating height of 26-32cm (or 10-12″) works best:

My Duplo blocks do not fit on the Lego top?

Please note that only official LEGO branded Duplo blocks will fit on the LEGO top (green base) of the Carry-Play.

Non-branded ones (including the ones we sell on our website) will be too loose on the LEGO top.

You can easily identify official LEGO blocks by the logo that’s engraved in each of the pit holes of the blocks:

Additional Lego tops

Additional plain white table tops are now available for pre-orders, shipping in late November.

Increasing table height

The leg pieces of the Carry-Play are fully interchangeable and connectable. When all 8 pieces are used, the height is 54cm.

Adding an extra set of legs will further increase the Carry-Play to reach a standard adult desk height of 74cm.

Additional leg pieces are available with our Carry-Play Expansion Pack.

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