6 Best Lego Sets For Preschoolers (3-5 Year Olds)

6 Best Lego Sets For Preschoolers (3-5 Year Olds)

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In this article, we recommend what we think are the best Lego sets for preschoolers. For ages 3 and under, we recommend the larger Lego bricks, also known as Duplo. The larger bricks are easier for little hands to handle, and they’re not as sharp and painful as the smaller bricks, which can also be a choking hazard for younger ones.

Lego Duplo sets are our “go-to” toy for supporting the development of spatial, social and mathematical and numeracy skills. There are many creative games with Duplo that can encourage play-based learning.

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If your child has great fine motor skills, you can choose to move them to the standard Lego bricks which are very smaller. Lego roughly groups their smaller brick sets in 4+ age and 6+ age. The kits also get slightly more complicated with each subsequent age range.

Our Top 6 Lego Sets for Preschoolers:

1) World Animals

Credit: Lego

The World Animals play set introduces your Preschooler to a world of animals and environments, with a captivating range of toy animals, buildings, vehicles, characters and accessories. Perfect for linguistic development, as well as imaginative play.

2) Modular Playhouse

Photo Credit: Lego

Dollhouse, pretend play, and brick building all combined into one! This modular playhouse set provides toddlers with ample opportunities to role-play everyday life with the characters provided, from cooking, mealtimes to bedtime routines.

3) Candy Marble Run

Though not an official Lego set, the Candy Marble Run playset is compatible with Duplo blocks. It comes with 83 pieces plus a free base for you to build towers, connect slides and tunnels and create a racecourse for marbles.

Extend your Duplo blocks play with this set, and learn about gravity, flow, and improve your fine motor skills development at the same time.

Due to the size of the marble, adult supervision is recommended for ages 3 and under.

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4) Tower Crane & Construction

Photo Credit: Lego

For the building enthusiasts, this set is perfect for exploring a bustling construction site. It contains a big bulldozer, mini bulldozer, dump truck, digger, crane toys as well as an on-site hot dog stand. You can even combine it with other Lego Duplo Construction sets to extend play further.

5) Lego Large Creative Brick Box

Photo Credit: Lego

Recommended for 4+ years, this set of standard Lego (small bricks) provide the perfect creative toolkit for budding builders to engage in classic Lego construction. It contains a wide range of Lego bricks in 33 different colours, with special pieces including 2 different-sized green baseplates.

The possibilities are endless and the set is designed to inspire open-ended creativity. It comes with a plastic storage box for easy tidy up.

‘”You can’t expect kids to build the Empire State Building at seven – but they can build a house.”

Joe Meno, Editor of Brick Journal

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