Play Prompts: 8 Creative Ways To Use Play Dough

Play Prompts: 8 Creative Ways to Use Play Dough

There is so much potential to the humble play dough. It provides numerous benefits to children and aligns with several play schemas.

Benefits of play dough include:

  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Building imagination
  • Encouraging open ended play
  • Calm and soothe children as they explore its sensory qualities.

However, being an open-ended sensory play material, play dough does require creativity to be fun, and some children may need more prompting than others to get the “ball rolling” so to speak.

Check out some of the best play dough ideas we’ve rounded up for inspiration!

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1. Play Dough Dress Up

Gather up some plastic animals and let you children ‘clothe’ them with new designs made out of play dough.

2. Play Dough Impressions

Let your children make impressions into the play dough with stamps, forks, shells, toy car tracks etc. You can even begin to explore patterns and counting.

3. Play Dough Pizzas

The simple activity of making play dough pizzas encourages play with maths, science, language and social skills (which are naturally incorporated into part of the play). See instructions from Nurture Store for full details.

Photo credit: Nurture Store

4. Play Dough Faces

Play dough faces are great for learning about emotions. It’s a fun way to talk about feelings (and maybe even conflict) and in a non-stressful setting.

Photo Credit: No time for flash cards

5. Play Dough Bug Fossils

This activity is pretty self explanatory, and works best when presented to the children in a systematic way. A magnifying glass adds to the fun as children can inspect the bugs and the ‘fossils’ with the magnifying glass.

Photo credit: Plain Vanilla Mom

6. Play Dough Sight Words

Making Sight Words in Play Dough with letter stampers is a fun and motivating way to encourage sight word recognition or reinforce what your children have learnt.

Photo credit: Learning 4 Kids

7. Play Dough Lego Pictures

To make lego pictures in play dough, simply roll a piece of play dough flat, then press LEGOs in it to create an image, design, or abstract artwork.

Photo Credit: Artful Parent

8. Play Dough Small World

Play dough make great bases for trees and figurines, hills and other landforms (such as houses) in small world play.

Photo Credit: Artful Parent

We hope some of these ideas have invigorated your child’s play dough play.

These are by no means a comprehensive list of play dough activities. As always, be led by your child’s interest. Pinterest is a great resource if you’re after a plethora of play dough ideas to try.

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